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Month: November 2015

Content Strategy

How to Make Your Niche Blog Successful with Content Strategy


A niche blog is popular among affiliate marketers. They use it to make money by promoting affiliate products.

In most cases, the marketers (especially newbies) find it overwhelming to manage and promote the blog simultaneously. After some days, they lose interest and leave the blog without reaping any benefit from it.

Some reasons for the failure are the lack of determination, a plan, and consistency. The problem mostly happens with newbies. However, experienced marketers gain experience after facing several failures.

Posted by Shamima Akter

7 Search Retargeting Mistakes Make You a Dumb Marketer


Search Retargeting is a powerful cookie-based tool in the digital marketing arsenal. It improves brand recognition and gives a high-ROI. But do you know some silly mistakes will increase advertisement cost and you’ll get less ROI?

With retargeting campaigns, a brand brings back bounced traffic and makes sales. But an incorrect campaign will hurt your credibility to your potential customers and disappoint you about sales. In this post, you’ll learn 7 retargeting mistakes amateurs  do. It is high time you fixed the mistakes if you are doing any of them. 

Posted by Shamima Akter