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7 Search Retargeting Mistakes Make You a Dumb Marketer


Search Retargeting is a powerful cookie-based tool in the digital marketing arsenal. It improves brand recognition and gives a high-ROI. But do you know some silly mistakes will increase advertisement cost and you’ll get less ROI?

With retargeting campaigns, a brand brings back bounced traffic and makes sales. But an incorrect campaign will hurt your credibility to your potential customers and disappoint you about sales. In this post, you’ll learn 7 retargeting mistakes amateurs  do. It is high time you fixed the mistakes if you are doing any of them. 


1. Set Ad frequency whimsically

The problem with Ad frequency occurs in two ways – showing too many impressions or not showing enough impressions.  Over exposure of ads on the web annoys a user and discourages him to buy products from you.

On the other hand, less impression turns a campaign ineffective. One of the objectives of retargeting is to Keep a brand on top of users’ mind and continuous exposure makes it possible.

Solution: Set a reasonable number for frequency cap.  Three to six times impression per week for each prospect is okay to start. You may adjust the number later, after analyzing the result.


2. Use multiple providers

Running campaigns with multiple providers may seem more clicks possibility, but it has a number of drawbacks. It results in bidding war among the providers for the same spot of the same website. Even your campaigns will face a problem about frequency cap implementation. The war will cost you more about advertising budget.

Solution: The problem often happens with new brands, because they want to understand service and performance of each provider. Running test with multiple providers at a time will give you skewed and inaccurate result.

For effective result, try one provider at a time and go with another provider the following month. In this way, you can analyze the performance of each provider and campaign accurately.


3. Design Ad unprofessionally

For a campaign, you may prepare an ad by yourself or by an amateur to save design cost, but you get a frustrating result from it. In spite of setting up frequency cap in a right way, a poorly crafted ad leads to fatigue.

A user sees an ad more than once, and repetition of the unattractive ad makes them bored. Retargeting ads typically demand banner and it is important to craft an ad in the right way because it is important for conversion.

Solution: Use visually appealing graphic, bold colors, crisp copy and a call to action button to craft an ad. Give equal emphasis on both creative design and message. If you do not have an idea about what type of ad converts more, you can educate yourself about banner ad best practices.


4. Retarget current customers  

It is not wise to show the ad to people who already bought your product or service. It hurts your credibility and makes your ads annoying to people. However, some brands need continuous campaign even after conversion.

In these cases, you can show a different set of the ad with new call-to-action button instead of showing the ads that already converted.

Solution: To remove converted visitors from your campaign list, you can place a post-conversion code or thank-you page in your website.


5. Overlook analytic reports

If you overlook the importance of analysis, then you are making a big mistake. Different ads give different results. To understand the performance of each campaign you need to track results.

When you analyze the performance report, you will see some ads are working well and some of them are not. You can remove poor performing ads, replace with a new one. After all, it is not wise to spend money on poor performing campaign. The analysis will help you to identify the right campaign.

Solution: Usually, retargeting platforms provide reports about click through rates and conversations of each ad. You should also track performance from your end. Use Google Analytics to measure success. It is free to open.

If you do not have one, open an account right away. Analyze the result and find out the better-performing campaign and create a new one similar to that.


6. Overlook customer segmentation

Perhaps it is a less important factor to consider, but it has a big impact on your ROI. Visitors come from different regions. Even their interest, browsing behavior, and intentions are not same.

Identify non-converting regions and stop showing ads in there. Set message for different regions people.

If your website does not convert well in mobile, you should stop showing ads in there. In most cases, mobile traffics do not give as good result as do web traffic about conversion. If the mobile version has a good sales record, create different campaigns for mobile.

Solution: Companies craft each page of a website for a single purpose, so each of them should be showed to a particular type of customer. Some users show interest in the product or service page while other users are more interested in the homepage. As a retarget marketer, you should identify different type of users’ interests and set ad accordingly.


7. Lack variations in banners

It is not wise to show one ad over and over and bore your prospects. Bring variation in your ad. Create multiple sized banners with various designs. Instead of depending text only ads, include images in banners. Image ads give superb result and increase CTR dramatically.

Solution: Design new banners in every six months.

Search retargeting is an excellent conversion optimization tool in digital marketing. If you fix these mistakes you can slash media cost easily and get more revenue from campaigns.

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