We help business websites meet its content needs through following services.

1.    Website copy
Writing for the front page, services, about, privacy policy, disclaimer page and more according to industry need.

2.    Blog post writing
Only a blog post writing task or a complete package of blog post submission which includes content ideation, writing, on-page SEO, attribution free stock image sourcing, and submitting the post in WordPress.

3.    Blog content planning
Keyword research, competitor analysis, content ideation, preparation of editorial calendar studying business need.

4.    Landing page content
We will analyze the stage of the sales funnel and customer journey to craft a persuasive page. And will pick a right call-to-action button to get you targeted customer taken the action that you want them to take.

5.    Blog management
The service is the combination of blog content planning and writing.

6.    Social media management
Right now we are offering only twitter management service. The service includes following and attracting targeted customers, curating contents and scheduling them in the buffer or in a similar platform, and retweeting peers content.

If our services resonate with content marketing needs of your company, please reach out via email at contact[at]writingle[dot]com.



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